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If you do follow the Economic and Political trend for the last two decades, you will realise that Africa has changed dramaticaly with infrastructure  development growing at speed.

The dramatically change calls for increase in demand and supply of real estate products and infrastructure supply reaching billions every month. Democracy and the discovery of oil in most of the African countries have created a huge amount of extra cash available to spend. Reaching that market can be quite expensive, however, with Property Express your expenditure and opportunities are minimal and high respectively. Europe has over 10 million Africans or African decent living permanently in Europe who are also a possible target for your real estate product and supply. The rest of the World has more.

Our Make over Property Express Magazine is an African but London based bi – monthly publication devoted to projecting and promoting development in all sectors of the economy most particularly in the area of Real Estate Supply, Home and Commercial building, Real Estate, Building Infrastructure, Hospitality, Oil & Gas, Home Finance and the entire property industry.

We pride ourselves on keeping property investors, tourists, mortgage and home finance seekers, travellers and all stakeholders in various industries up to date with property news and trends report, travel, tourism, culture and developments in Africa as well as the index of the African property market.

Our Magazine is a glossy A4 - sized high quality print that boldly captures our clients’ artwork for effective communication to the readers.

Reputation as the organisers of the Property Awards in Ghana has created a niche for us in the Property Sector in that country. This, coupled with our numerous media outlets implies our magazine is well marketed and known; with a circulation of 10,000 per issue all over, Africa, and (among the Diaspora community) in the US and Europe. This ensures that our clients’ information reach the target audience.With our improving efficiency and acquired experience, we aim to deliver even better services to our clients in terms of better marketing their products and services with our new look PROPERTY EXPRESS MAGAZINE.


We are inviting and offering you the opportunity to take advantage using our magazine to reach this untapped niche which can be very expensive in terms of marketing The rates for advertising are:


Full page                                           $1000

Middle Page Spread                         $1600

Half Page                                           $ 650

Inside Front Page                              $1400

Inside Back Page                               $1200


40, 000 copies to selected individuals, Directors, Managers, Supplies, Embassies, Corporations and those who matter in the industry.

To ensure that your products and services are marketed consistently and effectively in 2017, we offer you a discount package of $700 per advert for 6 issues. The scheduled publication dates are February, April, June, August, October and December.

We will like to work with you to achieve the maximum impact and generate the maximum benefit in terms of selling your products and services to customers in Africa and the Diaspora.

Please contact us on  + 44 208 961 7878 ,  07484 273 553 e mail : info@propertyexpress.org

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